5 Promises to Remember


This is a simple post to encourage you to hold fast to the promises of God. While we are living in uncertain times, the Word of God remains true and unchanging.

If you are experiencing fear in any area of your life, here’s five promises found in God’s Word that you should meditate on.

Be at peace, and know that God has a solution for your every problem.


The Making of HERStory

Today kicks off Women’s History Month. I love the month of March because it’s a time when women from all walks of life are celebrated for their contributions to society. From the Fortune 500 CEO to a community organizer, you’ll see inspirational stories popping up everywhere. I love it!

When I think of the stories that inspire me, they include those of my mother, grandmother and countless other women I’ve read about.

My mother earned her bachelor’s degree after retiring and raising three children. After graduation, she went on to teach elementary school students for several years. I remember being so proud watching her realize her childhood dream of becoming a teacher. She always had funny stories to share about her time in the classroom. One of my favorites is the time she took her top students to lunch after school. When lunch was over and it was time to take the students home, one kid refused to tell her where he lived because he wanted to savor the moment a little longer. How sweet!

My grandmother didn’t have a formal education, but she worked hard while raising children alone. She was a homeowner, took vacations and always had something delicious to eat when you visited. She earned only a modest income from the hospital where she worked, but she was able to pay off her home. Can you say, “amazing”? How she did that, I’ll never know. My grandmother wasn’t rich in finances, but she was definitely wealthy in the things that mattered most – her relationship with God; family and close friends.

I know there are women in your circle that have and are doing amazing things to make the world a better place. While our stories are unique, I believe we all share a common theme. No one walks a straight path. Our lives take twists and turns that few could ever predict. Our journey to “there” is sometimes clouded by disappointment, delay and unforeseen disaster. Nevertheless, I believe it’s the challenges we overcome that add the sizzle to our story. It’s the setbacks we bounce back from that add spice to our narrative. Do you agree?

This month, I pray you embrace all that you have become and all that you have endured – the good, the bad, and the downright ugly. You see, it’s the tears we cry that water the soil making for a spectacular read. So don’t worry if right now things don’t quite look like you had imagined. If you are a child of God, you can rest assured that your story is still being written. Trust in the Lord to bring His plans for your life to pass. He won’t fail you. I believe it’s going to be oh, so good!

Meditate on this: “The smallest one will become a family of a thousand. And the least one will become a powerful nation. I, the Lord, will make it happen in its time.” –Isaiah 6:22 NLV