Releasing Heaven: An Interview with Jenny Weaver

Today’s Christian Journal magazine, my sister site, features an interview with Jenny Weaver. I know this story will bless you, so I’m featuring it here in today’s post. I’ve included a link to the magazine at end of this post.

When I chatted with Jenny Weaver earlier this year, I was simply awed by her sweet, humble spirit. I’ve interviewed dozens of people from all walks of life over the years, but I don’t ever recall chatting it up with anyone who has undergone such a radical transformation as Mrs. Weaver. When I emailed her office to request an interview, she personally responded right away.

‘What, no publicist? Wow, she IS different,’ I said to myself.

She granted me a telephone interview wherein she painted a vivid picture of what life for her was like before God stepped in to do that which only a risen Savior can do.

“I don’t just sing, I release heaven,” Weaver told me.

If you’ve seen Weaver on Facebook, you know this is true. Weaver is known for “Singing the Scriptures” live each week on her Facebook page – Jenny Weaver Worships. Hundreds of thousands of people from all over the world tune in and are blessed as she ministers in song.

“I don’t just sing… I release heaven.”

— Jenny Weaver

Life for this woman of God was not always this way, however. Weaver revealed earlier days of growing up in Sarasota, Florida where she spiraled into years of drug use, homelessness and became a self-cutting Wiccan.

In spite of all the odds that were seemingly stacked against her, God had other plans. He knew the ministry that He placed inside a once, broken vessel would spring forth at the appointed time. Weaver said she was at her lowest point when God stepped in to change the direction of her life.

“I remember letting out this gut-wrenching scream, God help,” she said.

Not long after that encounter, Weaver said she was freed from her addiction to drugs.

“The Lord began to speak to me through worship. I could hear songs being sung over me,” she said.

Weaver picked up a guitar that her father had given her when she was around 13 or 14-year-old and starting singing. Today, she is helping to transform lives through worship and an encounter with the Holy Spirit.

“I was once a prodigal child, but I know God can turn your life around,” she said.

The latest edition of Today’s Christian Journal magazine is available online. Click here to read more inspiring stories.

Like Formula 409

You may have guessed from the title of today’s post that I’m talking about about perseverance.

When it comes to stories about tenacity and never giving up, the history of this household cleaner ranks at the top of of my list.

The creators of Formula 409 were determined to formulate the best grease-cutting, bacteria busting cleaner on the planet. They endured trial after trial until they finally came up with a winning formula. They may have become weary on their journey, but they didn’t quit.

How many times did these ‘mad scientists’ go back to the drawing board to revamp their formula? You guessed it…..

On the 409th try, a winning formula was declared. Hence the origins of Formula 409, which is now sold in stores from coast-to-coast.

The creators of this popular household cleaner tried more than 400 times to bring their vision to reality.

Now, here’s a question for you….

How many times have you attempted to bring YOUR vision to reality? Did you stop trying after a fourth or fifth person told you, ‘no, that won’t work’?

Have you hit a roadblock and become discouraged? If so, don’t stay there. Keep moving towards the dreams and visions that God has placed in your heart. If you’re weary, rest if you must, but never give up on the treasures God has placed inside you. After all, you’ll never know how close you were to the prize if you quit now. You must keep going.

Setbacks and disappointments are a part of the process. View them as opportunities to learn and grow. Keep moving ahead just like the inventors of Formula 409.

Above all else, remember God’s Word….

Being confident of this, that he who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus.

— Philippians 1:6

Does this message resonate with you? If so, leave me a note. I’d love to hear from you!