It’s Time to Set Boundaries

Do you know her?  She’s the friend who seemingly always has a plate full of “projects” going on.  You know the one – right?  The one that’s always running around with ‘hair on fire’.  The one that’s always at church and always tired when you ask how she’s doing.   

I know her well.  She was once me.

That is, until the wheels fell off my wagon and I had no choice but to sit down.  Hence, I’ve learned to say “no” to projects, meetings and sometimes even people when I foresee there is a propensity for my time to be wasted or my peace of mind disturbed.  God has allowed me to learn this lesson the hard way by bumping my head a few times.  Nevertheless, I’m the wiser for it.  I believe the root of my problem was centered in trying to please everyone while not prioritizing my own need for self-care. I was afraid of what “they” might think of me if I declined to participate.  Alas, I’ve learned.

I believe it was Oprah Winfrey who once said, saying “no” to one thing actually means saying “yes” to something else.  In my case, it meant saying “no” to time wasters and saying “yes” to the projects and plans that God had for my life.  That’s not selfish but rather a revelation that God never intended for neither you nor me to be the answer to EVERYONE’S problem.  

Does this scenario resonate with you? Are you struggling with a “yes” when you know you should have declined the invitation?  If you’re struggling to find the courage to say “no”,  I recommend listening to my interview with Minister Alicia George.  She offers important advice for every woman to consider.


In this podcast, Minister Alicia George provides sound advice on the importance of establishing boundaries. Take a listen!

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